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About me

I was able to turn my life around, and I believe I may help you do the same. I am Estelle, owner of Pacodakany.

I was a full-time housewife with seemingly no aspirations or ambition. I thought I should be happy with what I already have, my family, some little assets. But I realised I wasn’t really happy. I was not feeling fulfilled; there was a large void in my life. And then I realise I wanted more out of life, so I started learning new things and being very curious

My Story

I cannot tell you what tremendous changes happened in my life since. I discovered that I had sold myself very short and could have much more from life than what I had. Today, I have a great job; I went back to university. I am doing things I thought would be impossible for me to do. I was able to achieve all this by changing my mindset, working on myself through self-development. Although I am still on my journey, I want to share the things I have learned so far.