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Ways to deal with bad body odour for partners. Bad body hygiene in relationships can be a serious issue. Whether you are married or in a simple relationship, there is a standard of hygiene expected from each partner. It is pretty disagreeable and challenging to be in a relationship where discomfort is linked to unpleasant body odours. Body hygiene for partners can be a deal maker or a deal-breaker. Personal hygiene is essential for the overall comfort, well-being of a relationship. Poor body hygiene includes terrible body odour, bad breath, non-cleanliness…Bad body hygiene can be a big turn-off for your partner, which over time, will ultimately affect your relationship in a negative way.   

Keeping a good standard of cleanliness is always crucial for the physical and mental health of a person. A clean body and mind can function better and be more productive in professional and personal life. In addition, having good body hygiene can give you more self-confidence, make you gain some popularity as people like to be around someone who smells good and looks presentable. Regardless of the type of relationship you have, bad body hygiene can be a severe issue. here we present some ways to deal with the problem  


Honesty comes in various ways; you do not need to be blunt and hurt your partner’s feelings when bringing up the topic of bad hygiene. You need to be a diplomat when drawing your partner attention to the subject as body odour is one of the most sensitive subjects that a couple faced. If care is not taken when discussing the issue, it can quickly turn to argument and resentment. Although it is a complex subject, it still needs to be addressed. It is always preferable to be open and honest with your partner about your needs and what makes you uncomfortable. But you need to discuss the issue in a polite, respectful, non-judgemental way.     

Sometimes the partner, who is guilty of having poor body hygiene, is unaware of the situation. It is your responsibility to draw their attention to the issue. You can tell them directly, or you can put it in writing. Dr Ruth Westheimer, who has been working as a sex therapist for more than 30 years, wrote in an article that “If you’re really having a hard time talking about this hygiene issue, whatever it is, then consider putting it in writing”. Sometimes you do not have the confidence to talk about these issues in person. Writing about your concerns on a piece of paper or maybe sending a text with cute emojis can actually give you the space of saying it all gently and diplomatically. Once your partner is made aware of the issue, they will seek ways to address the problem by improving their body hygiene. Avoid imposing your own solutions; only offer them when asked.  


once you made your partner aware of the problem, you should let them decide on the following action. They might choose to handle the issue on their own or ask for your input. in any case, you can provide support in different ways. Ways you can show your support include: giving them space, time, acknowledging and appreciating any little step forward… some types of body odours are easily removed by following proper hygiene methods such as frequently taking a shower or bath, brushing teeth properly. Others can be more complicated to get rid of as they may be linked to some types of body pathologies. You need to give assurance to your partner that you will stand by them, whichever might be the case. Let your partners know how you appreciate their efforts. Give them time to adapt to their new routine and be patient with them as changing habits require a lot of hard work.  


Ways to deal with bad body odour for partners. Bad body hygiene can put a strain even on a good relationship. it could be definitely a deal-breaker. At first, it might be uncomfortable to talk about, but as long as you tackle the issue in the right way, it could be resolved. So please, do not miss out on a good relationship, a good partner because of this problem, talk things out.  What do you think can be done on this issue? please leave a comment below.


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