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 Ways to make extra cash in 2021. Life can get tough, and you can find yourself in a situation of no income or insufficient income. In this case, you may want to find new ways to make money. If you wish to make extra side money on a part-time basis or ultimately want to try new options to make money on a full-time basis is possible. Choices are endless as long as you are willing to put in the efforts, as long as you have what it takes. Here we share some ways to make extra cash; some might not be straightforward, but you still can make money if you are committed.   

CREATING A BLOG:  If you are someone who likes to write and who are passionate about a specific subject, you can easily look into creating a blog to share your ideas, skills on the topics you are passionate about. Try to make your content very compelling to attract and appeal to people. You would have to be committed and be patient, as this is not a quick way to make money. Give it some time. Later you will be to earn cash through ads, sending links, etc.   

SELLING ON ONLINE PLATFORMS: You can make money by selling online, either you want to do it as an individual or a business: as a side hustle or full-time job. There are many platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Gumtree, vinted, and a lot more that can help you do so. You can sell new items or second-hand items on those platforms. You can start selling your unwanted items; this could be anything like clothing, shoes, household items, kitchenware and much more. If you take it seriously and are committed, you might be surprised at the return you get.  

OFFERING TUTORING:                                                                                                                                                                                                         With some skills and knowledge, you can easily turn to tutoring. Do you have special skills set, speak other languages? You may want to offer some tuition course, extra course online to share this knowledge if you are confident. Indeed, you will find people who need your help and guidance. You can put your skills to good use. Many parents are willing to pay money for an extra curriculum course for their children. You can do that with flexible hours, work around school hours, evening and weekend online or in class, to make more money.   

WRITING AS A FREELANCER: do you possess the skill set of having some knowledge on a particular subject and of writing? You can exchange your skills for money where needed. You can do so on platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr. You will get a monetary return by creating online content for other people, for websites that will hire you. You can create a niche in which you excel; you can reach out to people through the above platforms. It would help if you made sure to deliver high-quality content. You can get a decent amount of money as a part-time job or a full-time job.   

COACHING AND CONSULTING Being a Coach or a consultant are other ways to make some extra cash. If You have some expertise and confidence in communication, you would probably find people willing to shed some of their money for your skills to help them on their self-development or business goals. There is indeed a lot of money to be made there. You can advertise it online, through friends, handed leaflets. 

CREATING A YOUTUBE CHANNEL: YouTube is a platform that has made a lot of people famous and rich. It has helped them to make money online. You can do it too. You can create a niche talking about a specific topic, something you are passionate about; this could be tutorials, videos, educational videos, unboxing, and more. Any topic you can think of, as long as your content provides some value, solve some problem. You will need to upload regular content to build an audience. And later on, you can monetize and make money. Brands pay a significant amount of money to promote their products or services.    

COMPLETING ONLINE SURVEYS:  Another excellent way of making extra cash is by filling out online surveys. There are many online websites you can sign up to, and they will send you surveys when they are available to complete by giving your opinions. You will get paid by sharing your views on products, services and taking part in market research. Although the pay may be modest, this is still a source of revenue for extra cash.  

DOING AFFILIATE MARKETING:  Whether you have a website or not, you can look into affiliate marketing. It works by getting a link through a professional platform such as Clickbank that you use for a given time. You have to promote the product or a service on your page. Any purchase through your affiliate link would generate a commission; You can make a large amount of money doing this, depending on your advertising products or services. Expensive products or services would generate more cash returns.   

RENTING OUT A ROOM:  If you have a spare room, and if you don’t mind other people company, you can rent it out. Renting out one of your spare rooms is another excellent way of making extra cash. You can do it through some license companies such as AIR BNB, or you can advertise yourself directly to get interested people. This is a great way to make, especially if you live close to a tourist area, stadium, university, capital city, etc.   

WRITING AN EBOOK:                                                                                                                                                                                                Nowadays, writing a book is made easy, much comfortable that you can write about any subject you have in-depth knowledge about and publish it online. Anyone with writing skills, a great story, topic, and willing to be committed can write an eBook and find an audience. Nowadays, self-publishing is accessible and common online. You do not have to take the old way, going through a publisher and all the financial strings linked to it. This is a great way to have a passive income.  


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